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Legislation and Materials

Law on Copyright and Related Rights, 12 March 2005 (pdf) In Macedonian Published in the Official Gazette of Republic of Macedonia No 23, April 12, 2005

Law on Copyright and Related Rights, Official Gazette of Republic of Macedonia No 47/96 of September 12, 1996 and No 3/98 of January 22, 1998 (html) In Macedonian and in English

General Remarks on Implementation

The EUCD, and six other DG Internal Markt Directives were implemented by March 2005

Core Issues

Anti-Circumvention Provisions

For example, how have the provisions on TPMs been implemented in Macedonian copyright law? (From Art 11 WCT and Art 6.4 EUCD). Can users circumvent a TPM to avail of a lawful exception? If not, how does a user or a library make use of a work subject to a TPM? Are there remedies for users and libraries where rightholders do not cooperate?

Peer Collaboration

This is about filesharing over peer-to-peer networks. How does Macedonian copyright law treat uploading and downloading? Does the latter come within a private copy exception? Are consumers in Macedonia being sued by music companies?

Universal Access

What exceptions & limitations are there in Macedonian copyright law for education, libraries, private study, people with disabilities, etc.