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Legislation and Materials

Copyright Law. Adopted 6 April 2000, amended 06.03.2003 and 22.04.2004

Text 6 April 2000. In Latvian (html) Amendments from 06.03.2003. In Latvian (html) Amendments from 22.04.2004. In Latvian (html)

Consolidated text 6 April 2000 with amendments from 06.03.2003 and 22.04.2004 (pdf) In English

General Remarks on Implementation

Legal provisions arising from Directives 91/250/EEC, 92/100/EEC, 93/83/EEC, 93/98/EEC, 96/9/EC, 2001/29/EC and 2001/84/EC are included in the Law with amendments up to 22 April 2004.

Core Issues

Anti-Circumvention Provisions

Peer Collaboration

Universal Access

Section 19. Use of a Work of an Author without the Consent of the Author and without Remuneration

(1) Copyright shall not be considered infringed if a work of an author is used without the consent of the author and without remuneration pursuant to the procedures specified by this Law:

4) a work is reproduced to meet the needs of libraries and archives;

Section 22. Right to Reproduction of a Work for the Needs of the Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired

Pursuant to the provision of Section 18, Paragraph two of this Law, organisations for the visually impaired and hearing impaired, as well as libraries which provide services to visually impaired and hearing impaired, shall be permitted to reproduce and distribute works, without remuneration, for non-commercial purposes, in a form perceivable by such impaired insofar as is necessary in the case of the relevant impairment. [22 April 2004]

Section 23. Reproduction of Works for the Needs of Libraries and Archives

(1) Observing the provisions of Section 18 of this Law, every library or archive shall be permitted to make one copy of a work by means of reproduction for non-commercial purposes, if such copy is made to preserve a particularly valuable work or to replace for a particular library’s or another library’s or archive’s permanent collection a copy which has been lost, damaged or become unusable and, moreover, it is not possible to obtain such a copy in some other acceptable manner, and the reproduction is repeated in separate and mutually unrelated cases.

(2) The provisions of this Section shall not apply to computer programs. [22 April 2004]