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Legislation and Materials

Copyright and Related Rights Act of 30 March 1995, as last amended on 1 February 2006 (as in force from 4 March 2006) In English (pdf)

Act on Copyright and Related Rights (Official Gazette No.21/95), amended January 2001, April 2001 and April 2004 - Unofficial English Translation

General Remarks on Implementation

The EUCD has been implemented.

Core Issues

Anti-Circumvention Provisions

Peer Collaboration

Universal Access

There are special provisions or libraries (with exception of public libraries), people with disabilites, right to information, teaching, quotation and privat or other internal reproduction (Articles 36, 47a,48, 49, 50, 51).

Teaching exception

Slovenia has implemented Art. 5(3)a EUCD only in parts: According to Art. 49 of the Slovenian Copyright and Related Rights Act of 30 March 1995 (as amended last on February 17, 2006), it is permissible to publicly perform works in direct teaching and at school events with free admission, and to rebroadcast radio or TV school broadcasts. Apart from that, the only copyright limitation that is potentially relevant in this context is Art. 50 on private and other internal reproductions. In addition to these conditions, a modified version of the three step test (Art. 46) is applied: First, the extent of permissible use is limited to the intended purpose; second, it must be compatible with fair practice; third, it should not conflict with the normal use of a work; and fourth, it should not unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the author.

Political and Cultural Participation