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Legislation and Materials

Official Legislation Act No. LXXVI. of 1999 on Copyright as amended 2001

General Remarks on Implementation

Peter Jaszi, Public Interest Exceptions in Copyright: a Comparative and International Perspective, Paper presented at Correcting Course, Rebalancing Copyright for Librarians in the National and International Arenas, May 5-May 7, 2005, Columbia University, New York City

Core Issues

Peer Collaboration

Universal Access

Exceptions for Archives and Libraries

Art. 35.4 Hungarian Copyright Act states that

In a manner and to the extent complying with the intended purpose as well as for internal use in an institution, if this is outside the scope of commercial activity, a copy may be made for own purposes if it is not designed for earning or increasing income even in an indirect way and

a) it is required for scientific research,

b) it is made from an own copy for the files to be used for scientific purpose or for the supply of a public library, or

c) it is made of a limited part of a published work or of an article in a newspaper or periodical.

Art. 40 Hungarian Copyright Act:

The copies reproduced within the scope of free uses shall not be distributable without the author’s authorization, except for lending between libraries.

Exceptions for disabled people

Art. 41.1 Hungarian Copyright Act

The non-commercial reproduction and distribution of a work shall be considered to be within the scope of free uses if they are exclusively designed to satisfy the needs of disabled persons and are implemented accordingly.

Political Participation